Brand philosophy in the sea of knowledge property rights was founded in 2008, is specialized in domestic and foreign patent agents, trademark and copyright agencies of intellectual property consulting service agency and its business scope covering electronics, communication, computer, mechanical, physical, chemical, and pharmaceutical multiple technical field, to make for the country, internal and external customers in different fields of science and technology of the invention patent application and implementation, providing high-quality professional legal services. Companies to accept commissioned by the Chinese and foreign clients, agent related to intellectual property legal services, especially to provide the patent retrieval, application, review, invalid, litigation; trademark application and objection, review and litigation legal services; at the same time in the certification of high tech enterprises, double soft certification, innovation fund project reporting also accumulated have rich experience.
China Sea property company as a professional intellectual property services is located in Xuzhou Huaihai culture science and Technology Industrial Park, China Sea property company is not only with Baidu, Alibaba together as park of the cooperation of production, teaching and research institutions and professional park cooperation intellectual property expert service platform. Have a first-class patent lawyers and technical experts team, and is equipped with modern office equipment and independent R & D sea of patent information management system, adhering to the "integrity, professional and efficient" principle, and strive to at least cost to customers get maximum protection of intellectual property rights, wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign customers to provide first-class, comprehensive legal protection of intellectual property rights.
Alliance introduction
Central Union is by Xuzhou sea intellectual property agent Co., Ltd., Beijing South Albert Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd, Suzhou South Albert intellectual property agent firm, Wuxi Zhongnan Albert Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. and Changzhou, China and South Africa Albert Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.. South alliance cohesion nearly 600 industry elite, subdivision 10 professional departments, the establishment of 5 layer process of intellectual property management system; establish the Taking Xuzhou as the center, radiation nationwide network of quality service, with Beijing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Changzhou and other multi agency. Since its inception, its strong professional team and honest, credit, rigorous style of work obtains the customer the consistent high praise, the agency business development rapidly, business volume increased year by year, at present, Central South Union has and domestic large enterprises and famous law firm established long-term friendly relations of cooperation.
As of the end of 2014 we have with the satellite manufacturing factory, aerospace science and Technology Corporation, State Grid, Datang Group, China Railway 16 Bureau, youcare Pharmaceutical Group, Navy General Hospital, aerospace training center, petroleum machinery factory, Beijing Technology and Business University, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Chemical Science, Suzhou University, Xuzhou Mining University 3000 enterprises and institutions of cooperation.
Alliance Manifesto
We are not a career with no predecessors, just walk in the forefront of the Chaoyang industry intellectual property. Starting from today, we have the spirit of "with growth, a total of glory", no longer to achieve self realization as the core, but in subjective to each other, win on the road, and continued innovation, and never give up, work together to create and to greet the arrival of the era of the China intellectual property industry. In this process, we urge each other, active learning, because we are sincere, beautiful, intelligent, without me, altruism, the construction of intellectual property rights of commercial civilization, the leader, the distributor, the sender.
Let us together with professional to irrigate intellectual property, trademark branding, patent protection to create a new, to achievements win the wealth, and takes it as the union of our oath!
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