Trademark query problem


Trademark query must pay attention to

Inevitable process of the query is not a trademark application for registration of trademarks. Trademark query (trademark free query) to query has entered into as of the date of the scope of a registered trademark of the trademark office database and application of the trademark in the limit. And do not contain information in a review of the state of the first power. The results do not have legal effectiveness. Just as a reference. Not the trademark office shall approve or reject the application. The following things need to pay attention:

1) itself, the lack of significant or belong to the trademark law banned note disabled words cannot determine whether the application for registration by the query can be approved,

2) if you have earlier application of the same or similar mark at query time has not yet entered the trademark office database. Because of the time will make the query results cannot reflect similar

3) query report provides several may constitute a similar trademark. Agent only through general review standard to make analysis and experience. His opinions are for reference only. Does not represent the trademark review opinions,

4) for the combination trademark. Such as query only part of the brand (e.g., in Chinese or English), and other parts (such as graphics) in practical application for the trademark registered trademark of the same or similar with others can also lead to trademark the overall was rejected,

5) the principal at query time only provides the name of the trademark. But when the actual application provided by the trademark design draft due to font. Color. Differences in structure or arrangement. Also leads to the query results cannot fully reflect the degree of the same or similar.


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