The benefits of trademark registration


 Trademark user not to use the trademark registration application, likely to use the same or similar products or services on the registered trademark of the same or similar, resulting in the occurrence of tort.

Trademark user not to use the trademark registration application, are likely to be others beat for registration, the trademark of the earliest users so can't continue to use the trademark, the serious blow to its own brand development.

In addition trademark registration has the following functions: 1, the trademark is registered, both national within the scope of the exclusive right to use and permission to use. 2, to facilitate consumer brand shopping. 3, the trademark registrant has the right to the exclusive use of a trademark, protected by law. 4, through the trademark registration, can create brand, to occupy the market. 5, trademark is a kind of intangible assets, assets evaluation, on its value for can transfer, inheritance, as the intangible assets investment, mortgage, etc. 6, trademarks can transfer, licensed to others to use, charge the trademark royalty. 7, trademark or to handle a prerequisite for quality inspection, all relatived inspections, bar code, etc. 8, the local administration of industry and commerce at various levels by the management of trademarks to supervise the quality of the goods and services. 9, protected throughout the country, per capita cannot use any other. 10, easy product into the shopping malls or supermarkets, more and more shopping malls or supermarkets only have registered trademarks of commodities are allowed. After 11, a registered trademark, can open a branch or branches, recruit franchisees to expand their operations. 12, trademark protection, still can prevent unfair competitors with similar like pretenders distinguishing mark to market inferior or different products or services.

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