Intellectual property strategy


In order to speed up the transformation of government function, improve the intellectual property management and public service ability, effective support innovation driven development strategy implementation, put forward the following opinions.

First, general requirements

(a) the guiding ideology. To deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought, the concept of scientific development as guidance, in-depth implementation of the 2 of the 18 large and 18, the third plenary session of the spirit, in accordance with requirements of the overall innovation driven development strategy, vigorously implement the national intellectual property strategy, use and protection of intellectual property rights to strengthen, improve the technological innovation incentive mechanism, to create a good development environment, provides the high quality and maintain social fairness and justice of public service for the purpose, adhere to the principle of specification, cooperative, active and efficient, improve macro management, strengthen market supervision, perfect management system, the innovation service mode, comprehensively improve the level of intellectual property rights of scientific management, innovation and development to provide strong support for market entities.

(2) the basic principles.

- the standard management. Management according to law as the criterion, adhere to the combination of market leading with government guidance, improve the management system and process, standardize market behavior, enhance the capacity of innovation main body of intellectual property rights management, enhancing the management level of intellectual property service institutions.

- the collaborative management. To ensure that the intellectual property system coordinate system running smoothly as the goal, adhere to the division of labor is responsible for the combined with a unified coordination, improve government management agencies and responsibility division of labor cooperation mechanism, the administrative force.

- active management. In order to improve the risk prevention and disposal ability as the key point, adhere to the forward layout is combined with a positive response, strengthening the management of intellectual property rights of prospective and risk disposal of timeliness, change passive management to active management.

- efficient management. In order to improve the ability of public service as the guidance, insist on combining the transform function and capacity building, by means of advanced technology, the construction of public service platform, and innovative service mode and process, improve the administrative efficiency.

(3) the main goal. By 2020, set up to meet the need of economic and social development of the intellectual property administrative management system and efficient and smooth coordination mechanism, intellectual property right is significant to strengthen and improve macro management ability, strategic planning and policy guidance levels increased significantly. Enterprises, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to establish meet the demand of development of intellectual property management system and management team, a major research project implementation process of intellectual property management. Intellectual property rights to further strengthen market supervision ability, social organizations and service agencies service ability basic to meet market needs, intellectual property transactions and services significantly improve market order. Science and technology, education, economy and trade, culture and other fields to establish a more standard and perfect intellectual property management system, public service ability to meet the demand of social basic intellectual property.

2, improve macro management of intellectual property, increase the efficiency of the comprehensive management

(4) to optimize the administrative management system. We will deepen reform of the intellectual property administrative management system, strengthen the patent, trademark and copyright administrative management team construction, etc. To strengthen the construction of local intellectual property management system, optimize the working process, improve the work mechanism, improve the administrative efficiency. To further reduce the decentralization, the intellectual property administrative approval system reform, the market allocation of innovation resources into full play the decisive role.

(5) improve the overall coordination mechanism. To strengthen the implementation of the national intellectual property strategy inter-ministerial joint conference system construction, strengthen the guidance of the macro management of intellectual property rights coordination, a study on the regular major principles and policies, in the development of intellectual property as a whole to promote intellectual property strategy implementation, negotiation decision the major issues of the development of intellectual property rights. Strengthen the department coordination, promote the industrial policy, regional policy, science and technology policy, economic and trade policies and intellectual property rights. Encourage and support the local establish efficient operation of the intellectual property work overall coordination mechanism, strengthen national and local communication and coordination, management together.

(6) to strengthen intellectual property strategy layout. To promote industrial innovation driven development ability as the goal, to carry out the patent navigation pilot project, geared to the needs of industrial concentration areas, industries and enterprises, implementation of a number of patent navigation pilot projects, to carry out the patent layout, build support industry (enterprises) competitiveness patent reserves. Release key industries patent development situation on a regular basis, and guide enterprises to strengthen the industry cutting-edge technology research and development and reserves, the enhancement enterprise core competitive ability. To carry out the national intellectual property review major economic activities, in view of the important major industry, the major investment activities to carry out the intellectual property rights, government planning review services, enhance the capacity of the intellectual property risk prevention and control of economic activities. Strengthen the national science and technology major projects of intellectual property rights strategy research, regularly carry out intellectual property analysis of early warning, study and establish the special intellectual property rights strategy.


(7) created using the integrated use of policy means to support intellectual property rights. Use fiscal, tax, financial and other policies to guide the market main body to create and use of intellectual property rights. Perfecting the enterprise research and development expenses claim additional deduction before tax policy, the inventor incentives included in the research and development costs, motivate invention. The reform of institution transformation of scientific and technological achievements related disposal policy, arouse the enthusiasm of units and personnel to use intellectual property rights. Encourage financial institutions to continue to innovate to develop securitization of patent licensing, patent insurance pilot new financial products and services, to carry out the intellectual property rights pledge loan business of financial institutions to provide financial support, through the guidance of national science and technology achievements transformation funds for transformation of scientific and technological achievements loan risk compensation, promote the industrialization of achievement of intellectual property rights.

Third, strengthen ipr law enforcement and supervision, maintaining the order of market as well

(8) to strengthen intellectual property administrative law enforcement. Pushing forward the construction of the intellectual property law enforcement inspection mechanism of normalized orderly law enforcement inspection supervisory work. To further strengthen the construction of administrative law enforcement team, strict law enforcement and qualification management system of card mount guard, enrich administrative law enforcement personnel team. To strengthen the rectification of infringement of intellectual property problems. Trans-regional, cross-sectoral enforcement close cooperation, strengthen the law enforcement dispatching work, promote the comprehensive law enforcement and joint law enforcement. Social satisfaction survey in the protection of intellectual property rights, perfect the intellectual property law enforcement rights performance evaluation mechanism. To speed up the construction of the intellectual property administrative law enforcement and criminal justice join work information sharing platform, implement comprehensive law enforcement and judicial information sharing.

(9) highlight the key link of intellectual property regulation. Strengthen the supervision of production and circulation law enforcement source. Intensify ipr law enforcement and protection of all kinds of exhibition, set up intellectual property rights complaint handling agencies in key exhibition. Do a good job in the Internet and intellectual property rights in the emerging media supervision, standardize the order of network operation. To establish professional market of intellectual property management system and standard, explore patrol office set up the protection of intellectual property rights in key professional market, achieve market search normalized.

(10) to strengthen intellectual property services market oversight. Perfect intellectual property services statistics monitoring system, promote the construction of intellectual property services standardization system, clear the service content and process, improve the level of service standardization. Promote establish intellectual property services professional qualification system, standardize the service market regulation. To strengthen the punishment of violations, establishing a fair and just market order. To strengthen the guidance and supervision of copyright collective management organizations, regulate the behavior of activity and income distribution. Establish intellectual property information service platform, timely public service institutions and the practitioners credit evaluation, disciplinary and commendation and reward for information, guide services to professional, branding and internationalization direction. Encourage intellectual property services association or union to strengthen the supervision and management practice, strengthening industry self-discipline.

(11) to strengthen intellectual property rights involving foreign risk prevention. Strengthen guidance for overseas investment project intellectual property risk prevention, guide enterprises to preventing risks of intellectual property rights of import and export trade and involves technology import and export, to obtain licensing or registration in accordance with the law. Perfect foreign-related intellectual property information communication mechanism, the feasibility of intellectual property rights trade statistics monitoring. Release key areas foreign-related intellectual property early warning analysis, key national and regional intellectual property environment report, effectively support the development of the internationalization of China's enterprises.

Fourth, a sound system of intellectual property management, improve the level of standardization management

(12) to guide enterprise standardization management of intellectual property rights. Implementation of enterprise intellectual property management standardization construction, promote the enterprise intellectual property management norms "national standards, guide enterprises to strengthen the construction of intellectual property rights management mechanism and management system, to standardize management throughout the enterprise production and operation process. Cultivation management norms, jitc certification bodies, certification and the specification. Will enterprise intellectual property management standard certification as a project of science and technology, as well as the high and new technology enterprise, and intellectual property rights exemplary enterprises advantage that the important reference conditions, promote enterprise intellectual property management standardization. Use the centralized management of intellectual property, support small and medium enterprises entrusted management mode, reduce the management cost.

(13) science and technology project whole process of intellectual property management. Will be fully incorporated into intellectual property management of science and technology major projects and the national science and technology plan the whole process management. In high technology industrialization projects, major technical transformation project, national science and technology major special projects, such as exploring to establish a system for intellectual property rights commissioner, strengthen scientific research project establishment, implementation, acceptance, assessment and achievements transformation, operation and so on each link of the intellectual property management. Will encourage qualified institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes set up a set of intellectual property management, using as one of the institutions, intellectual property rights management as a whole.

(14) to establish and perfect the system of intellectual property asset management. Establish and improve the intellectual property assets value assessment system. Help enterprises in accordance with the accounting standards for enterprises, scientific and reasonable division of intellectual property rights should be expensed in the development process and the capitalization of the section, to reflect the entry value of the intellectual property assets. Scientific accounting enterprises own, outsourcing and investment of intellectual property rights, standardize enterprise in mergers and acquisitions, equity transfer, foreign investment and other activities in the asset disposal and operation of intellectual property. Promote the software asset management, the establishment of enterprise software genuine long-term mechanism. To develop intellectual property assets of listed companies information guide, guide enterprises reasonable intellectual property information disclosure in a timely manner.

(15) encourage social organizations to strengthen industry management. Associations, Chambers of commerce and other social organizations are encouraged to establish intellectual property management departments, support social organizations in accordance with the law in intellectual property appraisal, consulting, training, advocacy, mediation and other activities. Encourage the development of intellectual property rights alliance emerging intellectual property organization, such as centralized management industry intellectual property resources, explore the intensive use and the protection mechanism. Guide social organization improving the industry self-discipline norm, intellectual property rights play a role of self-discipline and common rights. Set up a special mechanism, clear social organization and the normalized, convenient communication channels between the government.

Five, innovation, intellectual property service mode, to provide quality public services

(16) to improve the intellectual property review service ability. Perfect the intellectual property review standards, innovative examination way, electronic applications, improve the efficiency of review. Build system of credit archives the applicant for a patent, strengthen the monitoring process, regulate the behavior of an application for a patent for. To optimize the quality of patents as the guidance, improve the application for a patent for aid policy, promote the application for a patent for quality improvement. Improve the trademark review and dissent, the trial work mechanism, to further increase trademark review efficiency. To strengthen the construction of copyright registration system, expand coverage for copyright registration.

Improve the service level in intellectual property application (17). Push platform of patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property rights of connectivity, strengthening basic open sharing of intellectual property information, provide convenience to the society with the basis of the information. To promote intellectual property management and law enforcement information, convenient for public access. Adopt the method of government purchase services, support key areas and key industries of socialized service platform. In key industrial concentration area, key industrial park construction application accepted, consulting, training, information services, and other functions of the "one-stop" intellectual property service institutions. Encourage the construction of participating, open, resource sharing mechanism, integrating transaction, assessment, investment and financing service operation center of intellectual property rights. Explore the centralized management pattern, the institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes of intellectual property rights, especially patent technology capitalization operation, revitalize the intangible assets. Guide social forces to extensive training of intellectual property rights. Support the market main body development of intellectual property management system and tools. Encourage the use of advanced information technology innovation of intellectual property information service mode, promote the development of collaborative innovation.

Improve the level of intellectual property rights protection service (18). Improve the intellectual property rights to report complaints mechanism, strengthening the construction of intellectual property infringement complaints hotline platform and information sharing, and improve the reporting complaints electronic archive. To strengthen the construction of intellectual property rights protection assistance center, the standard center, expand the rights of volunteers, supervisor team. Demand strong industrial concentration area for the protection of intellectual property rights, to establish patent rights quickly work mechanism, provides the holder of the fast approval and rights protection, etc. Improve the mechanism of the enterprise intellectual property rights of overseas aid, explore the enterprise overseas intellectual property disputes emergency rescue work.

Sixth, strengthen the organizational guarantee, implement all measures to ensure that

Strengthen organizational leadership (19). Implement the inter-ministerial meeting of the national intellectual property strategy to strengthen the construction of propulsion mechanism, improve the intellectual property management and service ability, organization to carry out the relevant work. All relevant departments should strengthen coordination and strengthen the guidance of local work, on a regular basis to carry out the supervision inspection, to ensure that the policy into effect. Governments at all levels to strengthen the construction of the intellectual property strategy and coordination agency into the important agenda, intellectual property management work as a whole the deployment of resources, promote various policy measures implemented. All regions and departments concerned should combined with working practice, study and formulate strengthen supporting policies for the management of intellectual property rights, actively explore, steadily promoting intellectual property management mode innovation.

(twenty) improved management team construction. Perfect the intellectual property evaluation system of professional and technical personnel, incorporate the talents specialized in intellectual property title evaluation scope, strengthen the talent level evaluation, encourage the rational flow of talent growth and development. Institutions of higher learning are encouraged to develop intellectual property rights subjects, training high level talents specialized in intellectual property. Support for institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes of intellectual property rights specialist team construction, cultivating and training a batch of familiar with dynamic, intellectual property law and management at the forefront of science and technology talents. High-level talent preferential policies, priorities introduced a number of overseas intellectual property strategy implementation are badly in need of high-end management talent.

(21) guarantee money. Innovation input mechanism, give play to the guiding role of financial capital, to attract social capital into intellectual property management and service platform construction, and gradually establish a multi-channel funds safeguard mechanism. National science and technology plan (and funds, etc.) special project entity undertaking the related intellectual property rights transaction fee is listed in the project budget shall be in accordance with the provisions. Increase the intensity of local funding, to ensure that each work smoothly.

(22) to strengthen the supervision of the examination. Improve the statistical index system of intellectual property rights, intellectual property indexes should be brought into the economic and social development of statistical investigation, evaluation and regularly publish intellectual property development. As the core, the effect of level of public service and the service to establish and improve the evaluation index system of assessment of the intellectual property administrative work, improve management and service skills. Guide the enterprises and institutions shall establish a performance evaluation system as the core of intellectual property rights, scientific guiding creation and use of intellectual property.


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